Ragini Vandrey

Ragini Patel

Personal Trainer, Fitness Consultant


Ragini (Rags) is a dedicated and motivated fitness enthusiast with over 18 years experience involving weight training, dragon boating, outrigger canoeing, kayaking, running, cycling and hockey. Dragon boat training in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada, led her to compete in numerous international regattas around the world including China, Germany, Spain, South Africa and United States of America.

Rags competed in the New Zealand Federation of Bodybuilders competition in Masterton in September 2008 and won the Shape Division at the National Amateur Bodybuilding Championship in Wellington in October 2008. She completed the 160km Wattyl Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge in 2009 and in 2010 competed in the NZCT Wellington Dragonboat Festival. In 2010 and 2011 she participated in the women's Start Me Up challenge.

Rags has always had an interest in keeping fit and eating well. Cycling, mountain biking, weight training and tramping is her passion and keeps her on track to lead a healthy life. She looks out for her own wellbeing and now she would like to look out for yours.

A qualified trainer, she completed a Certificate in Personal Training at the New Zealand Institute of Sport. She has certificate in Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy and Lactation and completed a Pelvic Floor First and Isolation is Dead... Long Live Integration workshops.

Allow Rags to show you what she can do for you. Your health is her priority.

Here’s to a great healthy life and wellbeing!